Hello and Welcome...

My name's George Cook, and I'm a linguist.

No, don't worry; this is not some sort of twisted (and probably less interesting) slant on Alcoholics Anonymous. I just thought I'd cut to the chase and tell it like it is right from the outset. As I said, I am a linguist. However, you're probably not thinking of a linguist in quite the same way that I am. Let me explain.

When I say "linguist", you're probably thinking of some sort of multilingual international communications overlord. That is not what I am. A better description of what I am would really be a "linguisticist"; what I mean by that is that I take an interest in the workings and application of language; if you like, the science of language. Styles of writing, grammar, discourse and semantics are all things that interest me greatly; so much so I spent three years studying them at Leeds University! This is not to say, however, that I am not interested in the languages themselves. Not only do I speak German and French (at least to a reasonable level), but I also hope to learn less "mainstream" languages such as Welsh, Icelandic, Danish and, if I can ever muster the courage to do it, Finnish.

You'll find some more information, and some of my research, on the language page, and some of my thoughts on writing and writing styles, as well as some of my own articles, on the writing page. Feel free to take a look around, and drop me a line if you want some advice, or to exchange some thoughts on language in general!

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